Our Mission

The I-Can Youth Foundation Academic and Athletic Programs are designed to facilitate the transition from boys to men. The participants in the I-Can Youth Foundation have demonstrated tremendous athletic ability; the aim is to provide these great athletes with an academic curriculum and life skills management capacity to become successful and productive beyond the world of sports. We therefore concentrate on developing young minds as well as their bodies. Beyond that, we realize every player will not ascend to the professional level, so we keep the educational component forefront in the applications of life skills management.

I-Can All-Stars are not just about sports,

but about academic success and making the right

life choices on the road to becoming men and women.

The I-Can All-Stars seek to provide young student athletes with the opportunity to improve their skills through practice and individual work and to perform in front of a nationwide audience of college coaches, and scouts. This opportunity will help our student’s athletes gain the opportunity to get a college athletic scholarship but a chance at a quality education. This will also help prepare for the world ahead of them and the challenges life has to offer. We plan to show everyone involved that the youths are more than just athletes; they will know that they are productive members of society with much more to offer beyond athletics.

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