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One of life’s best teachers is competition in sports. Athletes, through competition learn many valuable life lessons. Hard work combined with natural abilities help to mold individuals who flourish in their own success. The I-Can Youth Foundation continues to have success providing quality instruction with opportunity through exposure to take the athletes to the next level. We are proud to have had many Student-Athletes participate in our program who have gone on to college.

In order to participate in an I-Can Youth Foundation Athletic Program event, a waiver needs to be filled out and completed by the Student-Athlete and their parent or guardian. Please click on the link below, complete the form and return it to staff.

Find it here: Waiver Form

The I-Can Academic Program is utilized not only by I-Can Athletes but many other youths throughout the community who enjoy the role models presented by I-Can Athletes. The Academic Program is set up so that all participating youths have a quiet place to study and do homework, as well as gain the help of tutors that are well versed in many subjects.

The I-Can Academics Program teaches students, that like all trades using hands and minds, tools are essential. I-Can provides dictionaries, encyclopedias, and computers at our study hall to help further aide in the lives of our students academically. These tools are made available for those who are not able to complete homework assignments at home and who have come to enjoy the interaction with our staff, volunteers and other students.

The I-Can Academics Program provides SAT and ACT preparation throughout the school year and encourages students to work toward improving their testing abilities. With the proper scores on both the SAT and ACT students open their own door to opportunities that get them into a college of their liking as well as a college that will give them an education to take with them for life. Each student that participates in the I-Can Academics Program is given SAT and ACT preparation study aides along with practice tests. Also, each student is given a written evaluation that is compared along with their high school transcripts so that they know where they stand as far as being qualified for college.

The I-Can Academic program teaches students that time is of the essence. There is no more important skill than how to manage time. When students learn good study habits and time management it helps them to get more out of the time they are spending. The staff and volunteers show students through their own example that time is also valuable. The I-Can Academic Program is provided so that students have a positive and structured program that is designed the help them succeed in life and give them a sense of accomplishment. Everyone who is involved in the I-Can Academic Program is focused on the success of each individual student and keeping them focused on getting into college, whether it is a junior college or a four year university.

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